Safe Drinking Water

The question of how to make a difference with some cash you have in your pocket, or an easy way to help is something we are looking for to help our world and those who don’t have the advantages that we take for granted.

I honestly am rushing this one…

So, I peruse Indiegogo for projects that I think are good and while I am still unsure about groups that use these platforms, the idea that someone is making a product that can help people in the world is important.

So this one has ONE DAY TO GO.

Not sure how this works… what happens if they miss their funding mark in the time? Do they still get partial funding? Are you still able to contribute?

To quickly cover what they do…

“How do you get safe water to people in need? You empower them to make it. The MSR SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker is enabling low-resource communities around the world to create chlorine for safe water treatment on the spot. It’s the first smart device designed to make a trusted treatment accessible to everyone. With a simple solution of salt and water, and a bit of power, the device’s ease of use makes safe water a reality. It’s ready to change lives. It just takes science… and you.”

Taken from the Indegogo page

Teach a man (person) to fish right?