About Unwired Mind

My name is Felix and I am just like you. I work, raise kids, try to save for our future and do all the normal stuff.

Just like you, I work, I teach my kids what is right and what is wrong, I cook, I take out the garbage (garbage = trash), I try to mow my lawn every couple of weeks (more like months), I try not to argue with my father, and aim to get up to date with my bills ‘by the end of the month’.

Just like you, I love my spouse and kids and hope that all the news-noise about tsunamis, earth quakes, rising sea levels and extinction level meteors/war does not affect me or my family.

Just like you, I wish I had the power to change things in the world. But who am I kidding? I have no money, no influence in my ‘network’ and I certainly don’t have the charisma to lead a group of people in revolution.

Revolution is what the world needs to stabilize our world climate or depose certain ‘crazies’ who are ruling their populations with weapons and draconian laws. But who am I kidding? Revolution is painful and generally lots of people are displaced or even die in the name of said cause.

(Okay, I have like less than 100 words left before I lose your attention, so it’s time to let you in on what the site is about…)

Reconnecting the Disconnect.


What if you could make small changes that don’t affect your day-to-day or save you money in the medium term? OR even short term?

What if you could connect to projects in a small way that you feel a tiny bit of passion for, then continue to live life without another thought?

This is what Unwired Mind is about. Unwired Mind is about finding these things for you to connect to. To make the smallest changes in your life to make a better world. To connect to others who are trying to make a bigger difference than we are capable of and contribute in a small way to them to help them along.

I am making this commitment to you as a subscriber: I will connect you with interesting articles, projects and ways to change your life without effecting your flow of life.

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Making Money

There is advertising on this site and there are also affiliate links on this site. My plan is to make enough money to pay for this project. If it does, then great! But the aim is connecting you to something that can help you make a difference in the world.

Fingers Crossed!