A beginning

Being an Westerner (Australian), I have been quite insulated from the world’s problems – oh yes, the world has its problems and most of its problems are caused by humans.

This website is really a place for Western eyes. People like me who cannot see through the distractions of media and third party manipulated government mandates.

This site is for the disenfranchised masses of the planet – the 99% of the others who are blinded like me. No this is not a wikileaks or some such thing. It is about TRYING to peer through the forest and see the trees – to see if we, who only control 1% of the world wealth can try to do good – without actually disrupting our lives that have been carefully orchestrated by the 1%.

The Unwired mind has a long term agenda of which the first step is to put a spotlight on potential areas that can make a difference.

Granted, I am just one insignificant little fleck of light on the planet… but maybe if enough of us can get together… we can be come a spotlight and make a little difference in the world.

Wish me luck!

A little fleck of light


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