You are wasting water!

You are seriously wasting water. Even in times of drought, you are wasting water and there is nothing you can do about it!

Or is there?

You are seriously wasting water. Even in times of drought, you are wasting water and there is nothing you can do about it!

Or is there?

Every time you turn on your hot water faucet (or tap), you are wasting water! This obviously happens in the your kitchen and when you shower…. and you can’t do a thing about it… clean drinking water, down the drain…

UNTIL NOW (of course!)

One of the categories that Unwired mind has is making a difference with minimal life affect. Honestly, we all don’t want to be bothered by overtly making a difference in the world in our day-to-day lives.

There are two solutions for this… the first one is to get some re-plumbing… but once done, it is done and you can forget about it!

If it is easy for you to do… you can get an awesome valve that your local plumber could put in for you in some of your taps…

There is this little valve you can have installed and potentially piped into say… a rain water system and used to water plants… or even collected for drinking! I guess it really depends on how much you want to spend…

The valve is sold here

The site says this:

With the Enviro Save Water System, every time you turn on a hot tap, water in the hot water line passes through the thermal valve.

The initial flow of water, which has cooled in the lines, is diverted back into the cold water lines and stored (either in a pressure tank [System A] or a rainwater or other suitable container [System B]) for reuse.

When water arrives at the correct temperature the thermal valve switches, directing the hot water immediately to the spout or shower rose. The first drop of hot water out is at the right temperature, and the cooled water is automatically saved.

Sounds great! I think I can install at least two of these off the top of my head.

The 2nd solution impacts your life a tiny bit…

They are these plastic bags that you fill until hot water comes. Then you go on with what you are doing.

Now you can use any strong bag you like or even a bucket! But these little bags are great as the design enables you to hang it over your shoulder and there is even a water spout!

As with many products on Indiegogo, there are pictures of kids and the product. This is usually disarming and make you more open to the product… but hey… we are human and easily manipulated… um sorry… FOCUS on the product Felix!

Anyway, sounds like a great product… and here is the link!

While this is pretty cool, if you don’t want to spend the cash, buy a couple of buckets.

Which one is better for your life?


Safe Drinking Water

The question of how to make a difference with some cash you have in your pocket, or an easy way to help is something we are looking for to help our world and those who don’t have the advantages that we take for granted.

I honestly am rushing this one…

So, I peruse Indiegogo for projects that I think are good and while I am still unsure about groups that use these platforms, the idea that someone is making a product that can help people in the world is important.

So this one has ONE DAY TO GO.

Not sure how this works… what happens if they miss their funding mark in the time? Do they still get partial funding? Are you still able to contribute?

To quickly cover what they do…

“How do you get safe water to people in need? You empower them to make it. The MSR SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker is enabling low-resource communities around the world to create chlorine for safe water treatment on the spot. It’s the first smart device designed to make a trusted treatment accessible to everyone. With a simple solution of salt and water, and a bit of power, the device’s ease of use makes safe water a reality. It’s ready to change lives. It just takes science… and you.”

Taken from the Indegogo page

Teach a man (person) to fish right?


A beginning

Being an Westerner (Australian), I have been quite insulated from the world’s problems – oh yes, the world has its problems and most of its problems are caused by humans.

This website is really a place for Western eyes. People like me who cannot see through the distractions of media and third party manipulated government mandates.

This site is for the disenfranchised masses of the planet – the 99% of the others who are blinded like me. No this is not a wikileaks or some such thing. It is about TRYING to peer through the forest and see the trees – to see if we, who only control 1% of the world wealth can try to do good – without actually disrupting our lives that have been carefully orchestrated by the 1%.

The Unwired mind has a long term agenda of which the first step is to put a spotlight on potential areas that can make a difference.

Granted, I am just one insignificant little fleck of light on the planet… but maybe if enough of us can get together… we can be come a spotlight and make a little difference in the world.

Wish me luck!

A little fleck of light